Current DEL Copper Price (incl. 1 % BZK):

General Symbol Keys

A- Outdoor cable
A Accepted national type
AB Outdoor cable with lightning protection
AD Outdoor cable with differential protection
AJ- Outdoor cable with induction protection
ASLH self-supporting aerial telecommunication cables for power lines
B Cable armour
B Braiding of textile yarn
b Cable armour
(1B..) One sheet steel strip... Thickness of the steel strip in mm
(2B..) Two sheets steel strip... Thickness of the steel strip in mm
BD Stranding
BLK bare, conductor without insolation
BZ Bronze-conductor
C Copper braid shield
C Cover is made of jute and mass
C Outer conductor of copper braid shield
Cu Copper
(-Cu) Total cross section of the copper shield (mm²)
D Copper braid shield
(D) Shield of copper wire braiding
DM Dieselhorst-Martin-Vierer
Dreier Drei Adern in Dreier-Verseilung
E Copper strand
E(e) Cases of mass with embedded plastic tape
e Single core
F Cable core filled with petrolatum
F Foil wrapping
F Flat cable
F Star quad cable for railway
F Star quad with phantom usage
(F..) Flat steel wire armouring... thickness in mm
OF filled cable core, solid fillings
FR Fire resistance, cable with improved fire performance
f Flexible cable core
ff Highly flexible cable core
G Insulation or sheath of rubber (NR) or (SBR)
G- Mining cable
GJ Mining cable with induction protection
GS Glas fiber braiding
2G Insulation or sheath of silicone rubber
3G Insulation or sheath of ethylene propylene (EPR)
4G Insulation or sheath of ethylenevinylacetate (EVA)
5G Insulation or sheath of chloroprene rubber (CR)
6G Insulation or sheath of chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM), Hypalon
7G Insulation or sheath of fluoroelastomers, Viton (FKM)
8G Insulation or sheath of nitrile (NBR)
9G PE-C rubber (CM)
53G CM, chlorinated polyethylene
H Insulation or sheath of non-halogen material
H Harmonized standards
(H..) Maximum operating capacity (nF/km)
(HS) Layer of semi-conducting material
HX Cross-linked non-halogen polymer mixture
..IMF Individual stranding(single core or twisted)with foil and drain wire
IMF Several stranding with foil and drain wire
-J Cable with a green-yellow conductor
-JZ Cable with a green-yellow conductor and printed numbers
K Copper tape applied longitudinally and welded
(K) Over inner sheath copper tape applied longitudinally with an overlap
LA Tinsel (Lahn threads (Cu) stranded around carrier-made fibers)
LD Corrugated aluminum sheath
Lg Layering
Li Stranded
(L)Y Mantle layers of aluminum tape and PVC sheath
(L)2Y Mantle layers of aluminum tape and PE sheath
2L Double wire insulation paint
M Sheathed cable
M Lead sheath
Mz Lead sheath with additional hardening
(mS) Magnetic shield
N VDE-Norm
(N) on the basis of VDE-Norm
NC Non-corrosive, non-corrosive fumes
NF Natural colours
-O Cables without green-yellow protective conductor
-OZ Cables without green-yellow protective conductor with printed numbers
ö Oil-resistant
O2Y Foam PE
Q Steel wire mesh
(R..) Round wire, diameter in mm
RAGL- Control wire for thermocouples
RD- RenoMatic cable
RE Computer cable
RG- Coaxial cable to MIL specification
re Round, solid
rm Round, stranded
RS- Switching converter cable
S Silk braiding
S Signal cable
(S..) Operating capacity, nominal value (nF/km)
-S Signal cable for Deutsche Bundesbahn
S- Switching cable
SL Sheath cable
2S Silk braiding with 2 layers
St Star quad for phantom circuit
St I Star quad in telephone cables for long distances
ST III Star quad in local cables
(St) Static screen
Staku Steel-copper conductor
Staku-Li Steel-copper wire
..t Termite protection
T Supporting element for aerial cable
T- Distribution cable
TF Carrier frequency pair or quad
TIC Triple in copper mesh wire
TiMF Triple in metal foil
U Braided textile yarn
VGD gold-plated
VN nickel-plated
VS silver-plated
VZK zinc-plated
VZN tin-plated
W Corrugated steel tape
W increased thermal resistance
W Corrugated sheath
X Cross-linked polyvinyl (X-PVC) or other materials
XPE Cross-linked polyethylene (X-PE)
2X Cross-linked polyethylene
7X Cross-linked ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (X-ETFE)
10X Cross-linked polyvinylidene (X-PVDF)
Y PVC, polyvinylchloride, thermal restistant up to 90 °C/105 °C
Yu PVC, polyvinylchloride, non-combustible, flame retardant
Yv PVC, polyvinylchloride, with reinforced jacket
YV Switch wire with tinned copper conductor
YW PVC, polyvinylchloride, thermal resistant up to 105 °C/125 °C
2Y Polyethylene (PE)
2Yv Polyethylene (PE) with reinforced jacket
02Y Foam-PE, cell polyethylene
02YS PE with skin layer, Foam-Skin
2YHO Polyethylene isolation with cavity
3Y Polystyrene isolation (PS), Styroflex
4Y Isolation or sheath of polyamide (PA)
5Y Isolation or jacket made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Teflon® (DuPont)
5YX Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA)
6Y Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), Teflon® (DuPont)
7Y Isolation or sheath ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)
8Y Isolation of polyimide (PI), Kapton®
9Y Polypropylene (PP)
10Y Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
11Y Polyurethane (PUR)
12Y TPE-E, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on polyether esters
13Y TPE-EE, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on polyester esters
31Y TPE-S, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on polystyrene
41Y TPE-A, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on polyamide
51Y Perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA)
71Y Monochlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE)
91Y TPE-O, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on polyolefins
-Z Alphanumeric printing
Z Twin cables
(Z) Tensile steel wire braid
(ZG) Strain relief element of glass yarn
(ZN) Strain relief by non-metallic elements
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