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Automotive Cables – Symbol Keys

Here you will find information about typical labeling of automotive cables with explanatory notes to the letter symbol keys.

Example: Automotive Cable FLU7Y-B11Y 2x0.5-sn + 0.5-sn

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
FLU7YB11Y2x0.5-sn+ 0.5-sn
Automotive cable,
low voltage
Ultra reduced
isolation thickness
Foil shield Outer sheath
Two wires at
Ø 0.5 mm²,
copper tinned
Drain wire
Ø 0.5 mm²,
copper tinned

Explanatory Notes to the Letter Symbol Keys

1. Type of Cable
FL Automotive cable, low voltage
FZL Automotive cable, high voltage
2. Used Isolating and Coating Materials
Y PVC (Polyvinylchloride)
3. Type of Isolation
B Foil shield with drain wire
D Copper, single wire assignment
C Copper, braided shield
4. Non Extruded Coatings
G Fibreglass braid
T Textile braid
5. Special Construction Features
R Reduced thickness of isolation acc. DIN ISO 6722, part 4
U Ultra reduced thickness of isolation
S Thickness of isolation greater than acc. DIN ISO 6722, part 3
F Flat cable, not separable
Z Multicore cable, separable
M Other conductor materials as copper and resistor
W Resistor
6. Number of Wires and Cross Section
0.5 Conductor cross section of 0.5 mm²
0.5sn Conductor cross section of 0.5 mm², tinned
3x0.5 Three wires with a conductor cross section of 0.5 mm²
W/km On resistance conductors values in Ω/km
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